Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Sahura Lucain
Son of the Shifting Sands

There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days.

Full Name: Sahura Sekhemkhet Lucain
Nicknames: Spartacus, Dad Jackal
Age: 5,166
Birth Date: Early in the year. He thinks sometime in January.
Gender: Male (mostly)
Species: Arrancar
Birth Place: Egypt. Long forgotten where by now.
Nationality: Egyptian (most likely more accurately Nubian, but semantics)
Known Languages: Assume he speaks it. He probably does, or at least remembers enough of it to understand it. He also remembers a good bit of various dead languages.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Eighth Division)
Living Space:
Currently he stays in the division barracks, mostly because he likes being near his division, he's a bit territorial that way. It could be better lived-in, has some nice marble flooring and granite countertops, but mostly the floor's wood, carpet upstairs, and he hasn't bothered changing anything from the last time it was renovated. The floors are heated, though, that's nice.

Hair Colour: Brown. Little bit golden.
Eye Colour: Shit I actually don't remember. Blue, apparently.
Height: 6' 3"
He's not exactly a scrawny guy, to say the least of it, but neither is he terribly bulky, being honest. There's obvious muscle, but it's more the kind of build meant to be able to move a lot, rather than the sort you'd expect from a deck it first and ask questions never sort.

Unique Features:
His mask fragments are a canine upper jaw across his forehead. The ends just kind of disappear into his hair. He's got a very deep bronze-y tone to his skin, and there are lots of tattoos of all sorts of things all over him.

Dress Style:
He usually sticks to his uniform. ... I don't think he owns anything besides his uniform, actually.

Inner Hollow:
By now, Sahura and his inner hollow are so much a part of each other, it's very difficult, even for them, to tell where one ends and the other begins. At this point, Sahura doesn't even remember the damned thing's name, and quite frankly, neither of them really cares, either.


Zanpakutou: Shenura (to encircle the sun [as in, protect it])
Sealed State:
Shenura is a pair of matching golden bracers. These are simple wrist cuff-style gold bands, thick enough they extend from his wrist to almost his elbow.

Release Command: Interestingly, he does not seem to have an actual command, he just makes a series of chirping noises.
Released State:
In release, a curved, golden blade pops out of the side of either bracer. Sahura's fragments also extend into a skull, worn somewhat like a helmet, and his hair turns red.
Ianew Sefet (Sorrow Blade)
Sahura has enough reiatsu in release, he can shape and harden it into the form of a bladed weapon. It is usually a dual-edge straight blade lacking a guard. The blades are gold, regardless of what hue his own reiatsu is at the time, and they burn rather than cut. He can coat them in another layer of reiatsu to make them cut, if he desires.

Desher Nesew (Red King)
Every wound that Sahura sustains that draws blood, generates a small pile of sand proportionate to the amount of blood lost. Sahura can manipulate this sand, using hand movements to direct and control it. Given that there is enough of it, it can be used either as a weapon, or for defensive purposes. It causes burns when come into contact with.

Nehet Saew (Night God)
An added ability to Desher Nesew, Sahura can compress the sand into a more tangible form. The only known form he has ever used is that of sand jackals. They can somewhat control themselves, but they aren't terribly smart. Sahura can command them, if he has enough presence of mind to do so.

Second Release State:
In Segunda Etapa, Shenura is a dual-head lance or glaive. The shaft looks like it's made of solid mahogany, and the bladed ends have two curved sides, like a curved two-prong trident, but one is shorter than the other. There's a strand of lapis lazuli and moonstone rounded beads wrapped around the base of one of the blade ends. Sahura's fragments also extend again, he gains a scorpion-like bone tail, and his hair turns white.
Segunda Etapa:
Kemet (Black Land)
A replacement upgrade for Desher Nesew. Not only do blood-releasing wounds create deadly sand, it now creates more of it, and the sand is aflame. The burns caused are more serious than those released from Desher Nesew.

Sa in Herep Shay (Son of the Shifting Sands)
A replacement upgrade for Nehet Saew. The jackal forms he creates with Sa in Herep Shay are more intelligent and easier to command mentally; like the sand in Kemet, they are also aflame.

Sebetj in Seba (Force of the Sun)
Each jackal created in Sa in Herep Shay gains the ability to combust at will, causing an explosion of flame with intense force behind it.

Played By: Arceus

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