Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Ciaran Owen
Ri na Nathracha

I hate myself. Even as I bark at the moon, I don't have the courage to reach out and grab it.

Full Name: Ciaran Owen. (You say this keer-an)
Nicknames: Pineapple
Age: 787
Birth Date: August 31, 1231
Gender: Male
Species: Shinigami
Birth Place: Rukongai
Nationality: Irish-Pakistani
Known Languages: Japanese, Irish Gaelic, some Arabic.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Eleventh Division)
Living Space:
Ciaran currently shares an apartment in the residential sectors of the Seireitei with his long-time boyfriend. It's not very large, but it is kept very orderly. Save for the kitchen. Some might think it's not very orderly or clean, but he's just got spices, varying oils and vinegar, and a couple bottles of cooking wine, scattered all over the counters with no sense to where they are. But he can find them. That's the important part.
Hair Colour: Red (like, fire engine fucking red)
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 6' 2"
Most would probably consider Ciaran to be relatively well-built. He is, to be fair, small or scrawny are not words for him. He's got very broad shoulders, too, so he looks perhaps a little larger than he actually is.
Unique Features:
There is a mess of tribal style, solid black tattoos more or less all over him. There's a vague semblance of pattern to them, and either side mirrors the other, so they are symmetrical at least. Thank you, Eireaball.
Dress Style:
He doesn't mind his uniform, but outside of it, he actually dresses relatively well. Ciaran's got something of a coffee-shop style, we wouldn't really call it very grungy, but it has some semblance of emo-influence. He's a comfort and function over aesthetics kind of guy, but his sense of aesthetics aren't terrible, either.


Zanpakutou: Eireaball Nathair (Snake Tail). (air-eh-ball na-hair).
Sealed State:
Ciaran's Zanpakutou essentially manifested as part of him, in the form of his many tattoos. There are many of them, all tribal in design, all over the place, they're all Eireaball. They just sort of appear as he masters Eireaball's abilities. The good news is, they match.
Release Command: Hoero (Howl, which is the laziest way of translating that ever, but alright)
Released State:
When released, Eireaball causes the tattoos to glow, and then copy themselves off his skin. The copies converge into a bladed whip, essentially a blade that is thin enough it is flexible and moves like a whip. It has notable segments that separate in order to facilitate this range of movement.
Primarily, Eireaball's Shikai moves very fast, and very fluid. It strikes, however like a snake, in a sense. The blade can be thrown, controlled enough to strike a few times (up to four), and then must be retracted, which leaves an innate opening there. Eireaball's release also breaks down the longer a fight wears on, and high level attacks, either from opponents or Ciaran himself, cause the blade to break down faster, and if pushed far enough, it'll eventually fall apart.
Bankai: Eireaball's Bankai has two forms: Ri na Nathracha (ree na na-hra-kah, King of Snakes), and Ri na Tine (ree na tin-nuh, King of Fire).
Ri na Nathracha sacrifices power for accuracy, and Ri na Tine sacrifices accuracy for power.
Ri na Nathracha:
This form reverts into chains, wrapped around both of Ciaran's wrists. The links are made in such a way as to resemble a snake's tail, overlapping and textured, and rather shiny. They don't seem to have a beginning, or end, just go on forever, like an ouroboros.
Soilsigh (sigh-chuh, blaze)
The chains glow a vibrant orange-red, and by punching the air, Ciaran can shoot a fireball from the chains. If he punches with both fists at once, it causes a double fireball.
Cnaigh (cree, waste away)
The chains glow a deep indigo colour. This ability is difficult to get to hit, as the chains need to brush the target's skin. The indigo glow stops when they do, and where the chains touched the target forms an indigo tattoo, somewhat mimicking the tattoos Eireaball has in sealed state. So long as that tattoo is there, the target takes damage when they move.
Fainne (foin-eh, ring [circle])
(I'm reminded why I hate Gaelic.)
Ciaran forms a circle in the air, the chains glowing deep red. It leaves behind a red circular afterimage, which Ciaran then punches through to fire a large fireball. If this hits, it causes burns, and the target will continue to take damage from it for a while after.
Canoin (kah-no-een, sorta, cannon)
Separates all the chain segments, causing them to glow red. They then surround the opponent, and fire from all possible directions simultaneously. It takes some time before the chain segments pull back together from this, and Ciaran can use his other Bankai abilities again. He can only use this once per battle; doing so more often will break Ri na Nathracha apart, and require recovery time before it can be activated again. ... also makes Eireaball mad.
Ri na Tine:
This version manifests a bone snake head over Ciaran's right hand, somewhat like a gauntlet. There's a segmented bone tail up the back of Ciaran's arm, ending at a vague point just under his right ear.
Gunna Cnamh (gun-nah kroi-v, bone cannon)
The whip generates a concentrated reiatsu blast by passing that reiatsu down the segments, one to another, and then firing from the snake's mouth.
Ceangail Nathair (kan-guhl na-hair, snake bind)
This separates Ri na Tine's tail segments, surrounds an opponent, reconnects the segments with concentrated reiatsu ropes, and then shocks the hell out of them. The shocks cause burning instead of electrical sensations.
Soinnean Tine (sin-nine tin-uh, fire blast)
Ciaran manifests a blade from the snake's mouth, and when he's successfully hit an opponent with it, clenches his fist, forming a reiatsu jaw behind him. These jaws then close down on the enemy, and simultaneously, Ciaran fires a blast of reiatsu. This does hit twice.

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Ciaran Owen

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