Plain of Ice
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Kasaya Nakajima
Third Seat
Star Queen

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Full Name: Nakajima Kasaya
Nicknames: Saya, Kassi
Age: Unknown
Birth Date: February 3
Gender: Female
Species: Shinigami
Birth Place: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Known Languages: All east Asian languages, Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Basque, Nordic languages.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Kidou Corps)
Living Space:
She stays in the division barracks. Clean, orderly, and having of warmly-coloured furniture and drapery, though toward the ceiling, there's some kind of silvery blue paint in splatters that makes it look like twinkling stars.
Hair Colour: Silver-blue
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 5' 3"
A small, slight girl, she doesn't look terribly imposing. While she's got some curvature to her, she looks mostly very young.
Dress Style:
She's always wearing these tribal arm-bands, even in her uniform. She also has a little headband that will hold a veil over her face, and if she presses the right button on the headband, it will also pull her lower back-length hair into it. As her Invisor manifests out of it, as well, most assume it is an Invisor mod; her Invisor was actually modded into it, not the other way around.

None truly remember where Kasaya comes from. When asked, she often simply stares, perhaps smiles a bit mysteriously, and shrugs.
All those in the Seireitei now, however, maintain they generally can't recall her by name, but she's been there as long as any of them can remember, even before the Goteijusantai was established and founded. Many theorise she was one of the first Shinigami, but this is and is not true, and the Nakajima line is not noble by any means, nor are there known to be any Nakajimas of her bloodline besides Kasaya herself. Curiously, even those from Rukongai, and even many living humans that should've never seen her before, maintain she is familiar, like they have met her at some point prior.
Some know her only as the "creepy girl;" the one that seems to know everything and everyone, but no one really knows in return. When spoken to, her tones are smooth, even, often somewhat soft but never very quiet, and she never seems to give a straight answer. Less in a manner that suggests she's hiding something, and more in the manner that says she knows something oneself does not, and has not deemed it pertinent or acceptable to state, or perhaps has decided what she knows, one is not yet ready to know, too.
Of those that have interacted with her on a more frequent basis, most maintain she has a somewhat motherly quality, even if it is on occasion a bit mischievous. It's quite difficult to say where the mischievous impression comes from, however, as she never seems to have much of a truly mischievous streak, and always seems to remain on this side of professional and very well self-controlled.
No one has ever seen her lose her cool, but she is often caught staring into space and daydreaming frequently throughout the day, and there are rumours that she never sleeps. Said rumour is about as persistent as the one that maintains she's often humming something, a quiet, calming melody, but none recall directly hearing her do this, only the impression that they have heard it before.

Zanpakutou: Supposedly, its name is Asterion (Star).
Sealed State:
Kasaya maintains that the clear gemstone often hanging from her neck (it is on a very barely visible thread) is Asterion. It's a round cut, perhaps around 40mm in diameter.
Release Command: Unknown
Released State:
No one's ever seen Asterion release.

Played By: Arceus
Oct 20, 2019 1:23 am
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