Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Seojin Jeon

You cannot raise a dragon in a cage.

Full Name: Jeon Seojin (uhh something like jin soh-jun ish)
Nicknames: So
Age: 676
Birth Date: July 28, 1342
Gender: Female
Species: Shinigami
Birth Place: Seireitei
Nationality: Japanese-Korean
Known Languages: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, bits of Spanish and French.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Third Division)
Living Space:
She lives in the Jeon manor; so to say the least, it's quite stately, impeccably cared for, and the grounds are very beautiful. Shame she can't see any of it. While the rest of the manor is generally wood, her room eschews that and has natural stone or marble tiling. She can kind of see on it.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Height: 5' 4"
Petite, short, but very stocky, which is perhaps surprising for a Jeon. She spends most of her time working in dirt and such, doing manual labour where she can, and has a small garden out back of the manor, away from the rest of it, and it shows. Some may consider her a bit pudgy, and maybe she is.
Unique Features:
She is blind, and there is a notable film over her eyes, probably cataracts.
Dress Style:
Mostly her uniform, and nice traditional Japanese kimono.


Zanpakutou: Jijin (Earthquake)
Sealed State:
It is a slave bracelet (a bracelet with a ring attached to it by a chain), made of dark silver, with deep green gemstones, perhaps emeralds, set in the bracelet and ring. The chain connecting the two has small emerald studs with a pearl on either side at intervals down it.
Release Command: Naru (Rumble)
Released State:
Jijin does not change much in released state. The metal does turn gold, but that's it.
Jijin fluidly controls earth. Rock, dirt, primarily, with some sand control. She does not have any specific techniques, it is a fluid control, so Seo has to get a bit creative.

Played By: Arceus

Arion Katsaros

Goteijusantai Sanbantai Captain

Ciaran Owen

Goteijusantai Juichibantai Lieutenant

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