Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Surya Lucain
Fourth Seat

There is strength in standing alone, but there is much more in admitting you can't.

Full Name: Surya Hunter Asante Lucain
Nicknames: Skitter
Age: 1,011
Birth Date: November 1, 1007
Gender: Male
Species: Vizard
Birth Place: Seireitei
Nationality: Nubian (Egyptian, may have an amount of Roman).
Known Languages: Japanese, Arabic, Egyptian (real Egyptian), Latin, Greek, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese.
Alliance(s): Technically Goteijusantai.
Living Space:
He lives, technically, in the Lucain manor, which is a smaller manor off to the side of the Eighth Division, as most Lucains join Hachibantai at some point, albeit not all remain. It is about three storeys tall, with a large, all-glass-window sun room that faces the north on the ground floor, a balcony above it, and a mid-height stone fence around the parameter. The gate is wrought iron.
Surya's room is the farthest room on the left side of the second floor, has a fireplace and a balcony that overlooks the back yard. The entire manor is rather muted in colour scheme, with soft browns, muted greys, and an occasional beige or tan, desaturated blue or green. Bright, loud colours are purposely avoided.
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 6' 1"
He is much stronger than he looks. Unlike his father, and his father's father, Surya did not really bulk that much, and is really more of an athletic build.
Unique Features:
Surya does have a mask, and he can wear it for around a minute at the moment, before he loses it. It looks a bit like a wolf.
Both his ears are pierced; he tends to keep nails in them. There's significance in these nails, they were fashioned from the exact nails that Sati, Surya's father, was crucified with.
Dress Style:
He's a function over aesthetics kind of guy, and tends toward oversized sweatshirts, and loose but comfortable pants. His entire wardrobe is basically some shade of grey, black, or brown. (Surya tends away from pure white, as it is too bright for him.)
Inner Hollow:
Anan. It is a jerk and constantly bored, but, you know.
To master his inner Hollow, Surya approached it as, first he must master himself, for his inner Hollow is just another part of him. Master him, and he masters the hollow by extension. It worked, and they're spiritually stable, but Anan is not quite what we'd call "subdued," exactly. It's getting there.


Zanpakutou: Musanan (serrated)
Sealed State:
In sealed state, Musanan takes the form of a standard bladed weapon. It seems to lack in a guard, however, with just dark brown leather wrappings separating the handle from the blade, and the blade itself is shaped somewhat like a sharp-angled sabre. The leather wrappings extend past the handle end, and two gold chains dangle from the end.
Release Command: It is not a word, actually, it's an odd buzz-hiss sound Surya makes with his teeth.
Released State:
At one time, Musanan had a different release state. No one really knows what it did, because the release changed not long after he reached it, but he is the oldest known example of a release state changing to make up for its Shinigami gaining some sort of a disability.
In any case, Musanan's blade breaks into thousands of tiny pieces, small enough they can only be seen as tiny glints of silver in the air. These pieces then begin to vibrate at a high rate, causing them to glow, and look a bit like a stick of glowing light extending from the handle. They do not seem to be able to leave the confines of the handle, but Musanan's pieces can grind through anything with a spiritron composition, given enough time and enough hits.

Played By: Arceus

Arion Katsaros

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