Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Dierdre Ciar
Soul Tiger

[b]Name[/b]: Dierdre Ciar
[b]Nicknames[/b]: Didi
[b]Age[/b]: 684
[b]Birthdate[/b]: March 13
[b]Species[/b]: Arrancar
[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Birthplace[/b]: Ireland somewhere
[b]Nationality[/b]: Irish
[b]Languages[/b]: Gaelic, Japanese, Spanish, English

Deirdre's hair falls all the way down to her knees, and is a fiery red. The bangs are dyed black, and cut to frame her face neatly. Her fragments are an inch wide strip of bone across her nose and cheeks. It tapers down and stops right at her ears.

Dierdre is about 5'4'' and has a relatively curvy frame.


Shikai: Tamashii Tora (魂虎, Soul Tiger)
Dierdre herself transforms upon releasing. Her clothing transforms into a tube top and a short skirt that comes to the middle of her thighs. From a bit under the skirt down to her knees her legs are wrapped with some sort of cloth bandaging, and from her wrists to elbows are wrapped with the same bandaging. Her upper arms, stomach, neck, a decent amount of her chest, and lower legs are all bare skin. A black striping pattern appears across the visible skin - like tiger stripes. Her pupils contract into slits, and her canines elongate slightly into fangs. She gains retractable claws and several abilities.

Tamashii Fun Tsume (魂焚爪, Soul Burning Claws): Claws of gold-orange energy appear on both hands for up to a minute, during which she can slash and attack anyway she likes with them. They're capable of discharging bursts of energy similar to Cero.

Tamashii Tate (魂盾, Soul Shield): This can be engaged and attached to just about anything, a person, a location, an object even. It is as powerful as her hierro with the added protection of up to level 80 destructive kido spells. The problem is that the longer she holds it, the less she can actually fight with her release, because it drains her steadily. After about five minutes, she has to concentrate more and more on the shield. After about fifteen she can do little else.

Segunda Etpa: Tamashii Hatora (魂破虎, Soul Breaking Tiger) Unachieved
Her mask fragments elongate, dropping down and covering her face down to her chin, it appears like a snarling tiger, fangs and all, only bone white without any color. Her eyes shift from blue to yellow and her pupils contract into slits. She isn't inclined to speak in this form, but when she does, her voice is thick and comes out in a snarl. Her nails lengthen slightly and become stronger - long claws that she will use in battle along side the blades.

The tube top she wears clearly was white, but it's rather blood stained and torn. The cloth wrappings hang loosely on her wrists. There are no wrappings on her thighs. Her skirt is torn and bloodied, but nothing ever shows, despite coming only to mid-thigh at best.

Her skin is covered in black tiger striping. On her shoulders, and along her spine golden orange fur covers the skin and the stripes go through it naturally.

Extensive Hierro: Her hierro is much more powerful in this form due to the power boost releasing her second form gives her. Up to a point, she can slow and stop a captain class' Zanpakuto, so long as their Reiatsu isn't flared to it's fullest extent. Once a Captain class releases Shikai, she can't halt it anymore. She will stop Shikai of a Lieutenant class up to a point as well.

Tamashii Fun Tsume (魂焚爪, Soul Burning Claws): Bursts of golden energy, similar in effect to cero, released from her short blades. They can leave burns and also slice flesh as well as causing a very small explosions.

Kokoro hamuchi (心破鞭, Mind Breaking Whip): A stream of golden orange energy extends from her pointer finger and she can manipulate it by flicking her wrist. It can tear open flesh it strikes against.

Tamashii Kyoukan (魂叫喊 , Soul Cry): Dierdre lets out a snarling sound directed at her opponent. It tends to cause vicious headaches in lower level opponents, notably it often catches them off guard, causing dropped defenses and the like.

Tamashii Tate (魂盾, Soul Shield): Dierdre uses her own life force to shield someone or something. It redirects her reiatsu and lowers her Hierro considerably.

Played By: Lenara

Atsuya Kurogane

Goteijusantai Nibantai Captain

Damian Owen

Goteijusantai Junibantai

Habaek Jeon

Goteijusantai Rokubantai Captain

Heru Lucain

Goteijusantai Yonbantai Lieutenant

Iname Kurogane

Goteijusantai Kyubantai Eighth Seat

Inetkaes Lucain

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Lieutenant

Junius Tullius

Goteijusantai Jusanbantai Captain

Killian Kajiyama

Goteijusantai Kidoshu Captain

Sandalio Villas

Goteijusantai Ichibantai Commander

Seung Jeon

Goteijusantai Rokubantai Fourth Seat

Shouren Huang

Goteijusantai Nanabantai Twelfth Seat

Xiaodan Lin

Goteijusantai Yonbantai Seventh Seat

Zuko Tullius

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Unseated