Plain of Ice
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Heru Lucain

Name: Aizen Sosuke (Heru Lucain)
Birthdate: May 29th
Species: Vizard (Believed to be Shinigami)
Gender: Male

Birthplace: Seireitei
Nationality: Egyptian/Roman/Nubian
Languages: Japanese, Spanish, Arabic. Latin
Alliance(s): None.

Brown hair and eyes. Sosuke is rather tall, and poses a rather unassuming figure most of the time. His hair has grown out a little, getting close to jaw length at the moment.


Zanpakuto Name: Kyoka Arashikaze (Mirror flower, Storm wind)

Release Command: Swirl (Uzu)

Zanpakutou Appearance: The handle is wrapped in a slightly darker green cloth, and the tsuba is a hexagon, with all sides being roughly equal. Other than that, it’s a simple katana with no notable decoration.

Shikai Description: In shikai the hilt wrapping turns to a dark storm gray color. The blade lengthens somewhat, transforming into something more closely resembling a tachi than a katana.

Shikai Abilities:

In Shikai Kyoka Arashikaze has two distinct abilities. The first is an offensive attack that strikes multiple times with a razor edged wind, and the second shifts an air current to be used as a shield (generally only effective against projectile based attacks).

Bankai Description: Kyoka Kamikaze (Mirror Flower, Divine wind)

Bankai Abilities:

Mostly fluid wind manipulation, there are no set ‘commands’ so much as Heru being granted the ability to manipulate the air around him and his opponent into offensive and defensive actions with fluid motions, so long as he has a solid idea of what he wants to do.

Played By: Lenara
Nov 11, 2019 1:05 pm
Heru Lucain

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