Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Iname Kurogane
Eighth Seat

Name: Kurogane Iname
Nicknames: Name (nah-may)
Age: 496
Birthdate: Febuary 4th
Species: Shinigami
Gender: Male

Birthplace: Seireitei
Nationality: Japanese-Sudanese-Persian
Languages: Japanese, Arabic, Farsi, and some rudimentary Japanese sign language
Alliance(s):  Goteijusantai, Kyubantai

Iname is about 5'8'' tall. He has a reasonably solid build, though it is rather slender - he's built more like a dancer than anything. His hair is kept extremely long, though usually braided. It's currently died in a dark brown to golden blonde ombre. His eyes are blue in color.

Iname is also capable of transforming into a cat, when he does so he resembles a standard Russian Blue.


Name: Hyoukai (Frozen Sea)
Sealed Appearance: Hyoukai takes the form of a wakizashi that has a light blue hilt, and darker ocean blue sheath. The blade is gray, but has a wave pattern etched into it.

Release Description: Upon release Hyoukai emits a mist that condenses around the wakizashi. When the mist fades, Hyoukai is left looking essentially the same.

Shikai Abilities:

Ice Wave: A controlled horizontal swing of Hyoukai generates an arc of ice which sweeps away from the blade towards an opponent. It cuts like a blade, and moreover can leave residual ice on the target.

Thunder Wave: A controlled but reversed (so it’s the dull edge of the blade on the leading edge of the swing) horizontal swing generates an arc of electricity which sweeps away from the blade towards an opponent. It will deal 1.5x damage to opponents who are soaked.

Ice Strike: A controlled vertical swing (usually from top to bottom) creates a slender burst of ice straight out from the blade, which can (and will, with enough force) pierce a target.

Frozen Prayer - Iname slashes with Hyoukai in an x shape and it generates a powerful blast of ice from the center point of the cross straight towards a target.

Frozen Shield: A very slight twisting movement created with the blade activates a powerful ice shield around Iname’s physical form. An opponent foolish enough to attack the shield will find his or her weapon (or bare hand, if that’s their style) attached to the shield with ice slowly creeping up the blade (or arm). Effectively trapping them to it. If it’s a weapon, they may have enough time to release it and you know, get away. But if they become partially encased in the ice, then Hyoukai’s finally ability in Shikai comes into effect.

Ice Explosion: Can only be activated after Frozen Shield has been active. Does not require someone to be trapped to the shield. This ability causes the shield to explode outward. It’s most effective if the person is attached to the shield because the explosion happens around them, but even so, it sends ice shards scattering all over with considerable force. Iname can choose to protect allies from the shards, and he is automatically shielded as well. On a side note, it also causes any other ice within range to explode with similar effects.

Bankai Name: Hyoukai Inori (Frozen Sea Prayer)

When Bankai form is active Iname loses the weapon state of his Zanpakuto. Instead he is left with thick mist that is added to the other half of the Zanpakuto’s release mist.

Note, this is the exact same one Kaiou has; both need the other to be present in order to activate Bankai, as their Zanpakuto are two halves of the same one.
Where their release forms allow control over the limited forms of water, together in Bankai form they each gain fluid and complete control over the element of water - Ice, Steam, liquid, and with complete mastery of their Bankai, any derivatives there of.

Upon activation both blades vanish and like in Inori’s release, a fog/mist envelops the area, or thickens if it was already present. As long as one or the other of them remain within the fog, they will retain control over their element. Because of the lack of weaponry in this form they must rely on hand to hand, force, or techniques with the mist to defend themselves.

Played By: Lenara
Jun 28, 2019 4:44 pm
Iname Kurogane

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