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Sandalio Villas
León de España

Name: Sandalio Villas
Nicknames: Sandi,
Age: 2114
Birthdate: July 7th
Species: Shinigami
Gender: Male

Birthplace: Modern day Spain
Nationality: Gallic/Spanish
Languages: Modern day Spanish, Latin, Proto-Basque, some English. Japanese. probably some others.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Formerly Hachibantai Captain. Currently Ichibantai Captain (and Sotaicho)

Sandalio is a tall man, standing at a little over 6'3''. His build is rather solid, with a solid bulk to him that makes it rather clear he's been a fighter most of his life. He has a number of scars that tell stories about the battles he's fought.

Sandi's hair is a dark brown in color and it comes down to around his mid-back. He generally keeps it in a ponytail of sorts. He occasionally has some dark facial hair as well - though he does not allow it to get very long. His eyes are gray.


Name: Cielo loco (Crazy Heaven)
Appearance:  Cielo Loco is sealed in what appears to be a Gladius. It’s a very  simple design, with steel making up the blade. The hilt and cross guard  appear to be made of some sort of reinforced bone. The hilt itself is  ridged as is standard for the gladius, providing additional grip. At the  end of the hilt is a rounded cap that seems to be made of a piece of  tumbled tiger’s eye.

Release Description: When  released, Cielo Loco takes on the form of a Spatha. And thus, when it is  released the blade lengthens and narrows out into a more traditional  seeming long sword. The hilt and guard maintain the same bone-like  appearance, similarly the ball at the end of the hilt remains tiger’s  eye. The blade of Cielo Loco still appears to be steel, but close  examination of the blade reveal flower petals and cloud designs etched  into the blade. Sandalio also gains a long curved dagger - in the style  of a Sica. The dagger itself is similar in design to the main blade,  save for the length and curve. Sandalio tends to wield the longer blade  in his left hand and the shorter knife in his right.

Shikai Abilities:
Peonza  ("Spinning Top"): Sandalio rotates the shorter blade of Cielo Loco and  creates large wind blades while doing so. The blades join together to  create a spinning circle. Upon contact with an opponent, it envelopes  them in a tornado like spiral. It cuts and can also disorient the one  trapped within it.

Demonio Celestial ("Heavenly Demon"): From up  above, Sandalio unleashes a powerful torrent of energy that deals a  large amount of damage. Demonio Celestial has a higher critical rate  than normal, but if it does crit Sandalio takes 25% of the roll as  recoil damage.  

Refugio de Sombra ("Shadow Haven"): This skill  allows Sandalio to manipulate shadows and to hide within them. He loses 5  health each round he is in the shadows, for a maximum of 3 rounds  permitted during any match. +10% success for any evasive maneuver he  uses while hiding to avoid attacks, but if Sandalio is hit, he takes twice the rolled damage.

Sombra  del Demonio ("Shadow Demon"): This allows him to use shadows to attack  his opponent, by manipulating the shadow they are standing on/in. This  skill is only usable during the turns Refugio de Sombra is active, but  gets +5 on it’s damage rolls.

Bankai Description: In complete form Cielo Loco transforms into a glaive. The shaft of the  glaive is about seven feet long, and the blade is another foot and a  half long. The shaft appears to be some sort of solid wood, and is black  in color. It has bone inlay designs near the head mostly various  swirls. There are two strings of beads affixed to the head that alternate between bone and tiger’s eye beads.
Bankai Abilities:

Demonio  Colorido ("Colorful Demon"): Sandalio names the color he wants to cut  with his sword, and cannot cut anything else. If the color isn’t worn by  Sandalio, the damage is very minimal, no matter what the attack  normally would have done. The opposite is also true. Calling out a color  he is wearing a lot of will allow him to inflict a great deal of damage  with even a very weak blow, but it also puts him at risk for his  enemy’s attacks. (For a color Sandalio is wearing a lot of, the bonus is  x2 damage for anyone in range of Cielo Loco’s force, but that is the  only color that can be cut. For a color he’s not wearing any of, or much  of, the bonus is x.5 and it still effects everyone present.)

Espejo  Demonio ("Mirror Demon") - For three rounds any damage or healing done  to either opponent is also done to the other by half. Indirect damage  caused by triggering traps does not reflect, and neither do status  effects.

Reflejo Celestial ("Heavenly Reflection") - After Espejo  Demonio has been active and gone through it’s full cycle this skill  becomes available. Heavenly reflection negates damage done to Sandalio  (or a chosen ally) for two turns. Can only be used once per each  complete run of Espejo Demonio.

Cielo sangriento ("Bloody Heaven") - After activating this skill, Sandalio can use nothing but  offensive skills for the next three rounds. If the fight is still going  at the end of those three turns, and he hasn’t been knocked unconscious,  50% of the damage he dealt over the turns is divided between himself  and allies as healing.

[Currently Unamed] - Sandalio raises the glaive in one hand and makes as if to throw, though he never actually releases the shaft. At the end of the motion an energy projectile forms - shaped like a Javelin, and launches towards his target.

Played By: Lenara
Oct 20, 2019 1:23 am
Sandalio Villas

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