Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Xiaodan Lin
Seventh Seat
Healing Heart

Name: Lin Xiaodan
Nicknames:  Xiaoxiao
Age: 583
Birthdate: January 17th
Species: Shinigami
Gender: Female

Birthplace: China
Nationality: Chinese
Languages: Mandarin, Japanese. She's picked up some JSL as well. Enough English to get by.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai, Yonbantai

Xiaodan stands at just about five feet, two inches tall. She has a slight, feminine build. She has long black hair that she usually keeps tied back out of the way so it doesn't interfere with her work. Her eyes are lavender.


NAME: Dongyue (Winter Moon?)
SEALED APPEARANCE: A long, slender katana. The hilt wrapping is lavender, with a darker purple visible in the diamond pattern. The blade is normal steel. The guard is circular and smooth, it's the same dark purple as can be found in the diamond pattern. The sheath is lavender.

RELEASE COMMAND: Mei hei kei, hisashi mina ri an (Light our path, shield all from darkness)

SHIKAI APPEARANCE: Appearance is the same except for a whitish glow, which sort of washes out the colors

*-Shu (Protect) - Creates a temporary protective barrier over a target. Immobile. Can survive against Kido up to 30. It cannot be used on Xiaodan.
*-Natsu (Seal) - Heals minor to medium sized wounds, generally used for cuts/lacerations.
-Sei (still) - Can be used to hold a part down, only really useful on a limb. Most useful for temporarily bracing broken bones.
-Jou (Purify) - Can remove poison from still-open wounds, or to cleanse them.

BANKAI NAME: Soothing Winter Moon (Imma feeling lazy, I may go translate that later, lol)
BANKAI APPEARANCE: The blade actually vanishes completely, and condenses to a bracelet on Xiaodan's right hand

BANKAI: [Unachieved]
White Wind
-Heals allies within a (fifteen when she first gets it, thirty when she masters it) foot radius, the closer you are to where she released her bankai, the more damage is repaired.

Last Resort
A very focused healing ability that will quite literally heal all but death-wounds. It's very risky for her to use, because it draws on Xiaodan's own life-force.

-An ability that can trigger a protective-deep healing sleep

Unwavering Defense
-A better protective barrier.  The kido it can withstand depends heavily on Xiaodan's own power.

Played By: Lenara

Atsuya Kurogane

Goteijusantai Nibantai Captain

Damian Owen

Goteijusantai Junibantai

Dierdre Ciar


Habaek Jeon

Goteijusantai Rokubantai Captain

Heru Lucain

Goteijusantai Yonbantai Lieutenant

Iname Kurogane

Goteijusantai Kyubantai Eighth Seat

Inetkaes Lucain

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Lieutenant

Junius Tullius

Goteijusantai Jusanbantai Captain

Killian Kajiyama

Goteijusantai Kidoshu Captain

Sandalio Villas

Goteijusantai Ichibantai Commander

Seung Jeon

Goteijusantai Rokubantai Fourth Seat

Shouren Huang

Goteijusantai Nanabantai Twelfth Seat

Zuko Tullius

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Unseated