Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Zuko Tullius

Age: 484
Birthdate: August 23
Species: Shinigami
Gender: Male

Birthplace: Rukongai
Nationality: Japanese
Languages: Japanese

Zuko has dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He's 5'9'' and has a rather muscular build. He's shorter than his adoptive brother Jushiro, but gives off the impression of being larger in general.


Ryuu Nenshou “Blazing Dragon”

Zanpakutou Appearance: Sealed into a single red katana. Or rather, the sheath is a dark blood red, and the hilt is a slightly lighter red paired with a dark orange for the wrapping. The blade is a normal slightly blued steel. The guard is circular and not particularly ornate.

Shikai Description: Upon release Ryuu Nenshou’s blade gains a distinct wave pattern down the blade. It also splits into two - the original blade shortens slightly to be comfortably dual-wielded with an exact copy of itself. The guard takes on the shape of a stylized ring of fire.

Shikai Abilities:
Burning Vortex: A rainbow colored tornado of fire is generated between the paired blades of Ryuu Nenshou. This is launched at a target and dissipates on contact.

Dance of Dragons: A series of strikes executed by Zuko during combat. In essence it’s three separate attacks, each dealing 1/3 of the total roll. When successful it offers Zuko a +5 to damage with Ryuu Nenshou for the rest of the thread. Max +20.

Blazing Entrapment: A swirl of multi-colored flames is generated between the paired blades of Ryuu Nenshou. This time though they aim to entrap his opponent in a burning barrier. The barrier has 1/4th of Zuko’s current health and must be destroyed before the opponent is free to move. Direct contact with the barrier deals 5 damage.

Bankai Description: Later. He doesn't have it anyway.

Played By: Lenara

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