Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Tahsin Lucain
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They say you've got to pray to go to heaven. They don't tell you what to say when your life has gone to hell.

Full Name: Tahsin Yukinari Lucain
Nicknames: Tahsi, ADD mother fucker.
Birth Date: May 29
Gender: Male
Species: Vizard
Birth Place: Seireitei
Nationality: Egyptian-Roman
Known Languages:
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Twelfth Division).
Living Space:
He lives with his family in the Lucain manor. It's large, built of stone, somewhat African and Egyptian in style, and generally muted in colour scheme. 

Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 6' 1"

Unique Features:

Dress Style:


Zanpakutou: Avici Riksha (Waveless Bear)
Sealed State:
In sealed state, Avici Riksha is a pewter-tinted metal staff, with dragon head designs at either end, two silver bands in the middle. This form of Avici Riksha is a dual-wield, as the staff comes apart in the middle, separating into two, thirty-three-inch long kodachi (short swords).

Release Command: Destroy
Released State:
In Shikai release state, Avici Riksha becomes a pair of navy and silver gauntlets. They come up to just before Tahsin's elbows. Apart from being painful when one comes into contact with them, one gauntlet is air-element, the other fire.
Jvalkrata (Burn Blood): This technique pulls high amounts of compressed air into one of Tahsin's fists, and then fires it; it spreads into various, invisible air blades.
Zana Duhkha (Quiet Sorrow): This shapes a whip; depending on which hand he forms this with, it may be either an air whip, which zaps when coming into contact with something or a fire whip. Tahsin can now also form up to three whips from the same hand.
Jvaalaa Avaskanda (Flame Storm): This technique generates and fires concentrated fireballs. They aren't notably hot, but are rather powerful, and generate an impressive explosion when they hit something. Tahsin has used this technique essentially for demolition in the past.
Nirasta Vaisika (Spit Toxin): Creates an acidic neurotoxin that Tahsin can inject through contact with the gauntlet's claws. He can also shoot this toxin a short distance, a distance of which he's increasing through training. Its fatality level depends on where it hits; the closer to the brain, the more dangerous it is. Tahsin often aims its trajectory at his opponent's eyes; it can and has caused permanent blindness before.

Bankai: Avici Riksha Sanhara (Waveless Bear of Destruction)
Bankai State:
The force released when Avici Riksha's Bankai is activated is of such high calibre, it appears the Shikai is exploding, and it often damages whatever happens to be within a fifty-yard range instantly. The initial gauntlets extend into full body armour, silver and navy in colour, though over time the armour vanishes. Under that, bright red tribal tattoos coat Tahsin's arms and torso. Avici Riksha Sanhara itself is a broad deep red bladed sword with silver edges, with a large solid basket-hilt style guard that extends over the entire handle, hiding whichever hand happens to be holding it. The techniques used in Bankai are fired with strong enough force to destroy the surroundings. Tahsin is currently not strong enough to properly wield his Bankai, thus is why it is so explosive and uncontrolled, and using it will wear him down very quickly.
Bankai Abilities:
Brahma: This technique pools large amounts of air into the blade, causing it to glow. The air then compresses, forming a single air blade, and is fired as a one-shot.
Shiva: By pooling air into the blade, and stabbing the ground, Tahsin can unleash a tornado. The tornado itself does not move, as its purpose is to pull at the air around it, forming damaging air whips. It functions somewhat like an omnidirectional technique. Shiva is currently Tahsin's most powerful Bankai ability.
Vishnu: The blade forms several flame spears, compressing them all into a single spear. The spear can be rerouted once it is fired.
Sati: This creates a massive, single fireball. The explosion that results from a shot of Sati levels around three to four times stronger than Hiryugekizokushintenraihou's explosion, and firing only one is visibly taxing. It may be more powerful than Shiva; but this doesn't make much difference, as firing it nearly kills him, and he generally doesn't for that reason.

Played By: Arceus

Arion Katsaros

Goteijusantai Sanbantai Captain

Ciaran Owen

Goteijusantai Juichibantai Lieutenant

Cynemaer Eccleston

Goteijusantai Kyubantai Captain

Diego Deiorio

Shinkuchou Commander

Gage Jordan

Goteijusantai Jusanbantai Lieutenant

Kasaya Nakajima

Goteijusantai Kidoshu Third Seat

Rohan Kurogane

Goteijusantai Juichibantai Captain

Sahura Lucain

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Captain

Seojin Jeon

Goteijusantai Sanbantai Lieutenant

Shigeru Tachibana

Goteijusantai Yonbantai Captain

Surya Lucain

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Fourth Seat

Xiaolen Huang

Goteijusantai Nibantai Lieutenant