Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Damian Owen

Name: Karasu Naku

Sealed: Damian's Zanpakuto is, in sealed form a fairly basic longsword. The hilt is wrapped with black leather, and the sheath is fairly standard with small designs traced on it - including a raven near the center. The blade itself is clean of these designs.

Release command: Soar

Shikai Description: At release, Karasu's blade turns inky black as if someone had coated the steel in tar or some such. The black seems to seethe and shine with designs forming in the blade and fading just as quickly as they'd come. The designs most often form where Damian's zanpakuto has connected with the weapon or attack of his opponent, though they don't seem to do anything.

Shikai Abilities: Damian's speed and durability increase rather dramatically when in Shikai. Kido casts seem smoother and just a little stronger as well, as a result of the reiatsu boost generated by releasing Karasu Naku.

Shadow Dance - At the word from Damian, the inky black substance erupts from his blade, shooting in an arc towards his opponent - upon contact it sticks to skin and clothes and burns for a few seconds. A thick enough swatch of it can cause rather severe burns and could hinder movement due to the sticky property, after a little under a minute, the inky substance vanishes and reforms on Karasu Naku's blade.

Shadow Shield - With this command, Damian can generate a shield of the sticky black substance directly in front of himself. this is useful for catching an opponent's attack and potentially hindering their ability to strike again immediately. Mostly this is a distraction tactic, and used to give Damian a chance to put some space between himself and his opponent.

Bankai: Unachieved, undesigned at this time.

Played By: Lenara

Atsuya Kurogane

Goteijusantai Nibantai Captain

Dierdre Ciar


Habaek Jeon

Goteijusantai Rokubantai Captain

Heru Lucain

Goteijusantai Yonbantai Lieutenant

Iname Kurogane

Goteijusantai Kyubantai Eighth Seat

Inetkaes Lucain

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Lieutenant

Junius Tullius

Goteijusantai Jusanbantai Captain

Killian Kajiyama

Goteijusantai Kidoshu Captain

Sandalio Villas

Goteijusantai Ichibantai Commander

Seung Jeon

Goteijusantai Rokubantai Fourth Seat

Shouren Huang

Goteijusantai Nanabantai Twelfth Seat

Xiaodan Lin

Goteijusantai Yonbantai Seventh Seat

Zuko Tullius

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Unseated