Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Rohan Kurogane

So I woke up, and the world before me was neither heaven nor hell, it was reality.

Full Name: He was born Tachibana Asuka, goes by Rohan now, and married into the Kurogane line.
Nicknames: Roro
Age: 1,292
Birth Date: February 19, 736
Gender: Male
Species: Shinigami
Birth Place: Seireitei
Nationality: Persian-Japanese
Known Languages: Japanese, Farsi, conversational Spanish and Italian.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Eleventh Division)
Living Space:
Rohan has an apartment in the eleventh division's barracks, but he lives with his husband in the Kurogane manor (and unfortunately, the Kurogane elders are also that way, somewhere). Of course, it's kept nice and tidy, and Rohan's never quite gotten accustomed to having servants (no, even now it befuddles him), so he generally helps with upkeep. There are a bunch of pictures everywhere, mostly of the family and the twins, but there are a handful of artistic landscapes he meandered out to Rukongai for.
Hair Colour: Golden Brown
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 6' 2"
Let's just say punching him in the arm might hurt a little. He's not exactly bulky, but he's a little closer to it than most. As one would expect of the Eleventh Division captain, he spends most of his time sparring, or fixing something his division blew up. Or running obstacle courses. (His division has a lot of them because he found it useful for channelling their energy out in a non-destructive manner).
Unique Features:
On the left side of his neck, there's a tiny 01 tattoo. It's been there for as long as he can remember, and he doesn't remember getting it, or why, or what it even means. Aside, there's dustings of varying scars here and there, mostly look like blade-related injuries.
Dress Style:
If he's not in his uniform, he's probably kind of business-casual. He is known to wear yukata sometimes, but often he's in something Arabic-looking if he's not business-casual.


Zanpakutou: Nizadi (Twilight)
Sealed State:
Fortunately for Rohan's patience, Nizadi takes the form of a weapon, specifically a gold-toned sabre. There are gold rings along the dull side of the blade, though it lacks a guard. The handle is solid metal, with silver and brass accenting, in the shape of a seated lion.
Release Command: Dhur (Scatter)
Released State:
In released state, Nizadi becomes a pair of elbow-length gauntlets. One is white, the other is black.
The two gauntlets don't do much very interesting; both can manifest a blade out of the side, and Rohan tends to punch and pop a blade out at the same time, or use them to block incoming attacks.
A simplistic energy blast. Either gauntlet can fire Sebke.
Bankai: Nizadi Taban (I used to remember what this meant but I don't now. Endless Twilight I think but don't quote me.)
Bankai State:
Both gauntlets line in gold around the edges. The black gauntlet gains a white teardrop shaped gemstone, the white one gains a black teardrop gemstone, both on the forearm piece in the centre.
Bankai Abilities:
The black gauntlet fires black specks, very small and hard to see. These black specks, Rohan calls them "nanoes," use the memories left behind in spiritron structures to repair breaks, injuries, tears, and any other damage, based on the memory imprint. There is nothing Sekhret cannot heal, but it does not, unfortunately, return one from the dead, only repair the shell they left behind.
The white gauntlet fires white specks, very small and hard to see. Taban does the opposite of Sekhret. Rather than reading imprinted memories, Taban breaks apart spiritron structures, from objects to sentient beings, at a microscopic level. As the specks are very hard to see except in large numbers, Taban can be wheedling its way through something for quite a long time before being noticed.

Played By: Arceus

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