Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Shigeru Tachibana
Thunder Fox

Don't love what you can't trust. Don't hate what you can't have. Don't say what you can't show. Don't judge what you don't know.

Full Name: Tachibana Shigeru
Nicknames: Shigs, Shiggy
Age: 1,094
Birth Date: November 1, 924
Gender: Male
Species: Shinigami
Birth Place: Seireitei
Nationality: Persian-Japanese
Known Languages: Japanese, Farsi, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Fourth Division)
Living Space:
He has an entire mansion to himself; very traditional Japanese, though it's smaller than some. He is, well, almost the last Tachibana left, not quite the actual last. In any case, the mansion's not that large, but it was built recently, and has heated flooring, as well as a cherry orchard in the back, a small garden with a koi pond. His room's actually likely to be a bit dusty; generally, Shigeru doesn't really go home... instead opting to nap on the couch in his office when he does finally go to sleep.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 5' 11"
Actually somewhat stocky, what muscle he does have just manages to make him look a bit pudgy, sometimes. Strangely, his legs are actually notably longer than usual, so most of his height's his legs, and his fingers and rather slender and long.
Unique Features:
His eyes have tiny little circuit patterns in them, if one happens to get close enough to see them. This is because his eyes are technologically modified to curb the red-eye sensitivity to light.
Dress Style:
If he's not wearing his uniform, he's probably in the shower. His uniform's a bit modified, to have a black jacket over it with lots of pockets for varying things he needs as Captain of Fourth.


Zanpakutou: Kitsureki (Thunder Fox)
Sealed State:
Kitsureki takes the form of a bracelet, a strand of gold links with bells attached, and small thunderbolt shaped charms. The bolts will tap the bells and cause them to ring when he moves his arm in a certain way. Sometimes, the jingle can sound more like an electrical crackle.
Release Command: Tsunzaku (Burst)
Released State:
In release, Kitsureki is a deep royal purple-handled naginata, with a golden blade. The blade has a hollow portion in the middle, as it is made of two lightning bolt shapes, set back to back. There's a lavender cord around the top of the shaft, with a bell on either end.
Hirahi (flash fire)
This allows him to pool electrical energy in the hollow part of the upper blade, and fire it by stabbing the air. At first this technique was hard to aim and control, but now he's much better and quite accurate.
Shirokire (white slice)
This works in the same general way as Hirahi, only rather than stabbing the air, he makes a swiping motion; this sends out a wide wave of electrical energy through the air, and due to the spear's weight, it moves quite fast.
Shingaine (shock sound)
Shingaine causes massive amounts of electrical charge to surge through the spear, which Shigeru then stabs into the ground, causing explosive amounts of electrical energy to surge through the battlefield, shocking anything touching it. This is a stun technique rather than a damage technique. Shigeru can also extend the surge skyward if he finds it necessary.
Murakiten (violet heaven)
This allows Shigeru to charge metallic objects, even other Zanpakuto, with live electricity; due to the conductive properties of metal, it is a fairly powerful technique. During his Lieutenant years, Shigeru accidentally killed a Hollow by stopping their heart with this technique.
Kinshou (golden crash)
By swirling Kitsureki's Shikai form in circles, Shigeru can generate electricity, causing the naginata to glow with a golden purple electrical current, randomly shocking the ground. It is called golden crash because the most common way he uses this technique is by jumping into the air toward an opponent, generating the electrical current and then slamming the blade down onto them, simultaneously releasing the current. It has explosive effects occasionally. It quite honestly depends on his mood and the situation.
Bankai: Kitsureki o Haran (Raging Thunder Fox)
Bankai State:
A double-ended naginata, essentially a dual-head glaive. Flame patterns engrave themselves on either blade, and it can, should Shigeru choose to, separate into two naginata. Both blades gain a jagged saw-tooth type edge.
Bankai Abilities:
Raikonran (thunder confusion)
Manipulates the bio-electrical signals in an opponent, causing them to momentarily paralyse, and take a rather nasty shock - from themselves, funny enough.
Hibachi (spark whip)
Draws out Shigeru's own bio electrical charge in order to use it as a weapon. This forms an energy whip, and each strike from the energy whip causes shocks and has a chance of paralysing.
Shinrai (god's thunder)
Calls down a very concentrated, high voltage lightning bolt. This leaves behind a burn in whatever it strikes, doing half its damage roll for three turns, and has a chance of stunning. In weaker opponents, it may disrupt one's bio-electrical regulation, and send one's heart, muscles, and certain brain functions, out of whack temporarily.
Raijin (thunder god)
Discharges a wide range electrical charge, hitting everything and everyone within a wide range at once. This spans about a mile, now, albeit Shigeru does not train this for obvious reasons.
Yumyaku (heal pulse)
Manipulates electrons and uses them to stimulate molecules, which renews damaged cells. This causes healing to occur in a centralised location very rapidly. This does also work on living humans. This also restores fatigue, and can also restart the heart and correct brain damage.
Raishien (thunder boost)
Stimulates nerves and boosts mental function, enabling anyone under the effects of this technique to move faster, react quicker, and tolerate more damage before showing signs of fatigue. When it wears off, however, those under its effects tend to be relatively lethargic for a while.

Played By: Arceus

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