Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me
Cynemaer Eccleston
Captain Buddha

It is not the honour you take with you, but the legacy you leave behind.

Full Name: Cynemaer (kai-nuh-maer) Nikanor (nee-kah-nor) Eccleston
Nicknames: Cyne, Captain Buddha
Age: 1,084
Birth Date: November 2, 934
Gender: Male
Species: Arrancar
Birth Place: He doesn't remember.
Nationality: He doesn't remember.
Known Languages: Spanish, Japanese, French, bits of Korean and Mandarin Chinese, and some odd language he never did figure out what is (it is Lakota).
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Ninth Division)
Living Space:
He stays in his division's barracks. It's almost eerily clean, and he hasn't bothered renovating from the last time someone did. Most of it is wood, with a bit of marble in some places. He does have a few bead curtains here and there, and some fur rugs. Some are real, some are not.
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Ice Blue
Height: 6' 2"
Very stocky and heavily muscled, Cyne is actually quite bulky. His shoulders are also notably broader than average, so his waist seems a little smaller than usual, despite his bulk.
Unique Features:
Cyne's mask fragments match Sahura's, oddly, a canine upper jaw across his forehead. He also has a bear paw tattoo on his left shoulder, but he doesn't remember getting it, so it was there when he evolved into Arrancar. Likewise, he has a couple stripes under his left eye.
Dress Style:
He usually sticks to his uniform. He's made some notable changes to his uniform, the first of which is a bronze breastplate. It was sized specifically for him, so it fits him perfectly. As Ninth divisioners often don't, he has no sleeves on his uniform, and he also wears little bronze arm-bands around his upper arms. His hair's generally swept to one side, though it falls to his calves in length anyway, with the front only reaching about his shoulders. Usually there are little wooden carved beads in his hair, and he typically has at least one braid in it.
Inner Hollow:
Irisomek; he's a stupid shit and talks shit all the time. It's pretty normal for he and Cyne to get into minor disagreements, but so far Irisomek's never really threatened Cyne's status as the dominant part of their soul.


Zanpakutou: Mentuemankh (Mentu the Living; Mentu is about as close to a legitimate god of war Egypt really has, but he's less Ares/Mars, and more Athena/Minerva)
Sealed State:
In sealed state, Mentuemankh is a two-toned grey metal staff. Either end of the staff has dragon designs around it. Unknown to most, Mentuemankh pulls apart in the middle, into two straight-edge blades. One blade is a little bit shorter than the other.
Release Command: Sma (unite)
Released State:
In release, Mentuemankh turns into a set of silver and gold gauntlets. They are mostly unadorned, and stop just before Cynemaer's elbows.
Neser Senef (burn blood)
A technique that when used, pulls high amounts of air to one of Cynemaer's fists and allows him to fire it; when fired it spreads out into various thin air blades. The blades themselves are impossible to see.
Nefer Sedjet (beautiful flame)
This one is similar to Neser Senef, only it fires compressed air spears. The spears cannot be rerouted, so it's a one-shot kind of deal.
Seger Ianew (quiet sorrow)
The air pulled is then shaped and released into the form of an air whip. It can then be used as any normal whip, and when it comes into contact with something it'll release a small jolt of electricity.
Mentuemankh Aker (Mentu the Living Victorious).
This technique acts like a Segunda Etapa, feels like a Segunda Etapa, destroys things like a Segunda Etapa, is draining like a Segunda Etapa, but it is not a Segunda Etapa. The gauntlets extend into full body armor, gold and blue in colour, and over time, disappears. This technique also manifests a thick red blade, with a plated guard. Under the armour, bright red tribal tattoos manifest across Cynemaer's skin. If the armour and the blade all disappear, before Cynemaer deactivates this skill, it instantly knocks him out, as Cynemaer is not strong enough to wield it.
This technique pulls high amounts of air into the blade, causing it to glow. The air is then compressed and forms a single air blade. That air blade is fired, a one-shot deal.
Triggered by pulling air into the blade and stabbing the ground. A burst of air swirls up and forms a very powerful tornado; the tornado itself does not move, as its purpose is to pull at the air around it and form damaging air whips, thus it sort of functions like a one-shot omni-directional attack.
Mentuemankh Aker's blade forms several air spears and then compresses them all into one single spear. The spear is then fired; unlike Nefer Sedjet, Horus can be controlled and rerouted once fired.
This technique significantly thins the air within a specific area, making it highly difficult to breathe in that particular location. It is the one Aker technique that isn't hard on Cynemaer to use. While it deals damage over time, it also steadily weakens opponents that are in range of it, and Cynemaer is not immune to it, either.

Played By: Arceus

Arion Katsaros

Goteijusantai Sanbantai Captain

Ciaran Owen

Goteijusantai Juichibantai Lieutenant

Diego Deiorio

Shinkuchou Commander

Gage Jordan

Goteijusantai Jusanbantai Lieutenant

Kasaya Nakajima

Goteijusantai Kidoshu Third Seat

Rohan Kurogane

Goteijusantai Juichibantai Captain

Sahura Lucain

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Captain

Seojin Jeon

Goteijusantai Sanbantai Lieutenant

Shigeru Tachibana

Goteijusantai Yonbantai Captain

Surya Lucain

Goteijusantai Hachibantai Fourth Seat

Tahsin Lucain

Goteijusantai Junibantai Captain

Xiaolen Huang

Goteijusantai Nibantai Lieutenant