Plain of Ice
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Arion Katsaros
Silver Fox

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the decision there is something more important than fear.

Full Name: Arion Katsaros. Well, that's what he goes by now.
Nicknames: Fox face, Silver Viper, Silver Fox, just... Silver.
Age: 922
Birth Date: September 10, 1096
Gender: Fluid
Species: Shinigami
Birth Place: Maaah, who knows?
Nationality: Greek. Probably.
Known Languages: Japanese, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese.
Alliance(s): Goteijusantai (Third Division). Mostly.
Living Space:
Most of the time he just naps in his office, but he probably has a room in the Sanbantai barracks. His office is generally an orderly mess, mostly wood, several layers of curtains over the windows, some are sheer. There are Hellenic art pieces here and there, too.
Hair Colour: Silver-white
Eye Colour: Ice blue
Height: 6' 1"
Freakishly tall and slender, Arion really just looks a little bit too thin for how tall he is. Honestly, he probably is, but it's not like he's dying of starvation or anything, so whatever. He's come to accept he'll just always be this thin.
Unique Features:
He's missing his left arm. All of it's gone. He does his best not to show it too much. Technically, he still has a few slipped discs in his back, too, and wears a back brace.
Dress Style:
Generally sticks to his uniform, but he will also wear jeans and a tee-shirt sometimes. Usually the tee-shirt will have a collared jacket over it, of some kind. Partial to boots, as well.


This is not the original form of this Zanpakutou, it operated differently before he lost his arm. Unfortunately that left him with a handicap, and while he can handle Theiko's sword-form, he can't do it as well as he did before, so Theiko mutated and altered its release states in order to compensate for this, at the cost of some of their power. Technically, Arion is not quite Captain-class right now, but he's closer than he was before.
In any case, Theiko will continue changing and evolving, and the two will continue growing together to regain what power levels they've lost in a manner Arion can handle. Currently, no one's seen current-Theiko before.
Zanpakutou: Theiko Kontari (Divine Spear)
Sealed State:
It is a wakizashi, with a light blue handle, and a gold tsuba comprised of two hooks facing opposite directions, making it look like an S.
Release Command: Ikorose (shoot to kill). ... yes, our URL comes from his release command.
Released State:
In release state,Theiko turns into a one-arm gauntlet (really more of a bracer). There is a biblical-star looking design, four points, the top and bottom point longer than the sides, sitting about in the middle of the gauntlet piece over his wrist. The metal is entirely silver, though there are some darker silver accent pieces, and the star is very bright silver, almost white.
Hirogeru (expand)
When Arion aims and swings, he hits his intended target with a retractable blade that pops out from beneath Theiko's gauntlet. He can then either keep this blade out as a glowing, white whip, or retract it again.
Iru (shoot)
A single-shot, non-whip version of the above ability. This occurs so quickly, it is easy for even the most astute observers to miss, and chances are, the opponent won't even see the blade extend at all, just a flash of light, maybe. Most tend to think this is an energy shot, due to this.
Bankai: Theos Skotonontas Dory (God-Killing Spear)
Bankai State:
In Bankai, Theos Skotonontas Dory extends slightly, a black glove covering Arion's hand under the gauntlet, and the top edge extends into a pointed shape. A short blade, similar to its wakizashi blade, pops out from under it, and remains there. It is about the length of its wakizashi blade, so around the length of a dagger.
Bankai Abilities:
Odoriko (dancer)
Theos Skotonontas Dory's blade separates into nine, and extend enough to use as a whip. This technique is rather dangerous, and difficult to control, and Arion has hurt himself training with it before. The blades can be controlled independently, and independently operate as a shot instead of a whip blade for a moment, but they move so fast, his mind can't quite keep up with all nine just yet.
Renzoku Shita (consecutive)
This technique extends and contracts the blade very rapidly in succession. The entire process is a fleeting second, and the individual movements are completely indistinguishable from one another, causing this ability to look like a mass of blades.

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Nov 11, 2019 1:05 pm
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