Plain of Ice
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It's all a mystery, let it come and let it be.

So, let's start with the basics? My name's actually Kendra, better known as Arceus. I'm nearing thirty, now, live in the mid-western USA, and I'm basically a complete romance trash-mammal. Lol I always said when I was younger that "Nah, romance isn't a big deal to me," but my characters often got attached to my significant-other-of-the-time's, and next thing I knew, I played a lot of romance-y ship stuff. I really love family dynamics, though, but it's rare I get a decent family unit going; not many people seem to want to play those dynamics out, but I feel like someone's family members are really important to them and their life, so it seems really weird to just ignore them.

I'm often a very shy bean. This is much less noticeable on a site I run, like Plain of Ice, because this is my territory, I guess, and if I'm not friendly, I won't really attract other people, right? I have more pets than I have friends, and I can be a bit socially awkward at times. I am, though, a very (sometimes painfully) honest person, so one usually knows where they stand with me, at least. I don't play games and I don't do subtlety, and when things aren't working out, I'm always willing to discuss and reach a median. I play a really wide range of quirky characters, and take great joy in finding a trope-y Sue-like template and shoving humanity and mistakes into it (so don't worry; as awesome and infallible as they like to believe they are, they're absolutely not). My brain-children rarely listen to me; I don't control them, really, or understand them half the time, I just translate their babbling into posts.

Mostly, as a writer, I'm usually not afraid of doing things. They, and sometimes I, will throw random curve-balls, and where a plot goes may be set up in advance, but how it gets there never really is, and boy do they take some liberties with that. Haha. I can be really fun to play against, but one has to remember I don't make linear sense and neither do my characters. Even playing the same thing multiple times tends to get different results, and I do have a few in my cast that are completely and utterly unpredictable.

I will say I have a mental quirk that makes words and communicating difficult sometimes, so if I stop making sense, or get really vague, I'm very sorry, my brain will remember what words are in a day or three. Um... I'm a very dominant personality, strangely, when I'm really into something and on a roll, and I guess it scares people into letting me have free reign - to the point I end up doing everything, plot-wise. Please don't do that. (Counter me, that's fine. Even be like Hey, Kendra, slow down. I'm not going to get mad. I know I hyperfocus and get too tunnel-vision-y sometimes. It's fine to be like Whoa pony.)

Plain of Ice is actually the original name of the long-running Bleach AU that was known as Tamashii no Chikai: Oath of the Soul. This was also my site, though it was started first by an ex-significant-other that later changed their mind and dropped it, so I took over. Given I went on to run that site for 12 years, and in that time we'd accumulated over 157,000 posts, I'd say I did okay with it. Unfortunately, over that decade of time, we changed and added so much stuff, the board wasn't really Bleach anymore, but wasn't original enough to be marketed as an original site; so basically we weren't Bleach, but weren't original, either, and had a lot of trouble keeping the site moving. It was complicated as hell, too, so ultimately I closed the site and intended to move on. But, I missed it. A lot. I missed the characters and the setting and the freedom, so, here we are again, with a completely clean slate.

Here's to 12 more years. ♥

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