Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me

Welcome to Plain of Ice! We're so glad you're having a look around!

Don't know anything about Bleach, but still interested in our site? No problem! We've acclimated several people from the franchise before, simply browse through our lore page, ask questions, if you have any, and keep in mind that mistakes do occasionally happen. We won't be mad about them, we all make them sooner or later. Plain of Ice is also now non-canon!

We'll make this super short and sweet: I don't have the patience for the childish antics that the shounen-genre is known for anymore. So long as one acts like they've got some sense, they'll be fine, but consistent problem members, regardless of what is here on this page, will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with respect to circumstance and situation. I shouldn't feel like a babysitter.

Plain of Ice has no skill or stat system.
We focus on writing stories in the setting. There are two things to keep in mind about this:

  1. No, your character is not as boss as you think they are, and no, throwing a tantrum is not going to change anyone's mind.
  2. We don't aim to foster an environment anything like the shounen-genre itself, essentially. We're interested in the setting, the plots, the character development, etc. This means, while fights may occasionally happen through natural occurrence, they are not our focus, and trying to shift it to being our focus will make sad people. It will also probably cause one's thread responses to stop.

Should a more battle-heavy site be wanted, please be advised, Plain of Ice is not it.

Zanpakutou Rules

  1. No space-time manipulation.
  2. Anything a Zanpakutou does to the senses or physical attributes, must affect everything in range of it, wielder too.
  3. If a Zanpakutou has an ability one cannot think of a viable way of overcoming, it's too over-powered.
  4. If one must ask if it is too much, it probably is.


  1. Players that haven't been seen in over a month will be considered inactive.
  2. If someone comes along that wants a claim or rank from a character an inactive player is sitting on, it may be forfeit.
  3. Logging in is generally enough to retain characters, but if one has ranked characters, those must be doing something plot-wise to keep their position. As all divisions and factions are run by their leaders, and we mean that, it's important to keep those characters moving.


  1. Please register with an OOC account. Characters are not accounts, and are handled a different way.
  2. Visit the Manage Characters link on the top-bar drop-down (click your name when logged in).
  3. Characters can be initially sorted yourself, but their position may be changed later by Captain/Lieutenant of your division, or the leader of your alliance.
  4. Check the ready to play box beside the save button, and save, when ready to play. They automatically become available and active.
  5. We do still have standards, despite not having an application or approval process. We will say something when we see something sketchy.

Site Rating

  1. We are rated mature.
  2. Mark your mature threads as mature.
  3. If you want to see these mature threads, you must verify your age in your profile.
  4. If you don't want to see them, just never turn them on.

Quick Software Note
Plain of Ice runs on a software called Gaia. This was coded from the ground up, from scratch, by the lead administrator, Arceus. This software is currently in Alpha 9, not even Beta yet. Some features of the site will not work, or won't work in their entirety. There may be functions missing, links that go nowhere, buttons that don't do anything, weird glitches, etc. If you run into any of these, please post in the appropriate thread in the appropriate forum (it will be in the Player Lounge), so Arceus can continue to improve the software as it approaches beta, and version 1. Plain of Ice will be upgraded along with it as it develops, once Arceus is sure that an upgrade isn't going to implode the entire site and make it unusable where it was stableish before.

GDPR for EU People

  1. See the Privacy page.
  2. Download your data at will.
  3. Delete yourself at will.
  4. Be forgotten at will.