Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me

We're so glad you're interested in joining! Let's go over our first steps and some tips and such.

First Steps

First, you'll likely want to have a peek at our very quick-and-dirty Lore page. This essentially just goes over the varying elements and pieces of our site's setting (and the basis of the fandom) in the simplest way it possibly can. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

Honestly, that one page should be enough to get a basic rough idea in your head.

Site Premise

Our site takes place in, presently, late 2018, twenty years after the end of an event known as the Winter War. This follows similar logic, for those familiar with the series, to the Arrancar Arc to the Fake Karakura Town Arc. In Plain of Ice, the Espada were, instead, led by an Arrancar, whose dirty tricks and lacking honour eventually led to the new Espada going toe to toe with another, older group, that were also called the Espada. Somehow, and no one's entirely sure how, this whole mess led to a three-front-war, Espada one versus Espada two versus the Goteijusantai, and really, even now no one truly knows how this spread to the Gotei.

Espada one had begun losing (and badly) to the other two, which had started to consider allying together. Ultimately, the mess started to threaten the living world, and a much older, stronger Arrancar, unaffiliated with any of the groups involved, crashed in, ruffled some feathers and rearranged a few faces, and by the end of it, those that were lucky enough to still be alive backed down.

Since then, stray members of both Espada groups, and rogues alike, have begun joining the Goteijusantai. Now, once bitter enemies must learn to live and work together, but rumour has it some never really did accept defeat...


This may be a little bit different than you're used to. To register, simply click the register link at the top navigation bar. This first account must be your OOC account. Character accounts are not separate accounts, they are handled a different way. You can think of them as masks that your main account can wear. Thus, Plain of Ice is both APP and APC, without the irritation of switching back and forth all the time. (You actually can't account switch, as characters are not actual accounts. c: )

Once registered, you'll click your username on the top bar, and then click Manage Characters. Clicking Create new Character, you'll find a series of boxes. This is the character information/biography screen. It's separated into tabs to be easy to wade through. Once you have finished and are happy with how you filled these fields out, tick the ready for play tickbox at the bottom of the form, and save.

The fields in the biography are essentially free-form. You can fill them in and set them up however you'd like to do so. Please check the claims page before settling on a play-by, so you don't choose one already taken. While you can set your alliance, division, and rank at first, you cannot edit it once you've marked them completed. A staff member may later change rank, division, or both, and this is because...

Ranks are not up to you. Ranks are up to the division captain/lieutenant, or faction leader.

Quick side track:
Q: Can I play a captain, lieutenant, or create a new faction?
A: Yes. However, you'll need to be able to demonstrate a consistent ability to keep any character that ends up in a leadership position active. What do we mean by active? We mean having some presence in the story-line. We mean not simply sitting there on the ranking list, taking up that slot, and not really existing in the world. We mean string 'em along like they're an NPC if you must, but they should have some semblance of presence on the site.
Depending on varying things, it is also possible to lose one's leadership position(s) for other, non-activity-related reasons. If one does happen to lose that leadership position for non-activity reasons, we're very chill here. Most likely, one will know precisely why, and we are willing to discuss it.

Getting Started

From here, how you get going on the site is up to you! You can peruse the wanted requests, to see if any wanted roles interest you. You can post up a plot thread in the plotting centre, or post in an existing plot thread, to get some ideas rolling. You might request a note board, a subforum specifically for you to keep track of whatever you like. Introduce yourself in the player corner, post an open thread somewhere and just dive in, whatever works for you!

Happy playing!