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Started by Iname Kurogane at Apr 03, 2019 3:17 pm
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Iname Kurogane

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Yeah, it was. Iname made a slight noise of agreement. Having Kaiou home was an exciting thing and he was so, so very pleased. It had sort of seemed like maybe Kai just wouldn't be allowed to come home after all even though there were many questions about if he should have been imprisoned in the first place. But it was okay now, he was home now.

"Sounds good." Iname agreed easily. Sometimes they didn't pay Ciaran enough for the shit he put up with during his normal hours, much less overtime. Iname didn't say that part. "See you soon, love you."

Getting out of Ciaran's hair so he could finish up without trouble seemed like a good idea. Though being fair about it, he'd said something about he only had a couple of minutes left before the rest of the division left so it wouldn't be too bad either way.

His attention focused a bit more on Kaiou. "So, these are a replacement and a massive upgrade for the previous communication system. It was primarily designed by Tahsin." Just ah, putting that out there. "S'got the communication system plus the ability to keep and display calendars and reminders and record audio and video. Plus some other neat stuff." Yeah the invisors did, ah, a lot. But that was part of what made them such a more useful upgrade from the last system.

Plus they greatly reduced the lag between reports and response times. "Each one is keyed to a specific person's reiatsu, so an outsider can't just take one and link into the system, either."

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Kaiou Kurogane

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Oh, apparently, he was going to get it explained to him. Quite fittingly, he looked about enthralled, listening to the explanation of what all those things did, and what they were. There was a slight confusion at the end there, as he tried to figure out how that would work, but, Tahsin was a brilliant, and there was a reason he did most of their technological advancements.

"So, they're all different colours, or is there a pattern to what colour they are?" he said, sounding curious. "Do they change what colour everything is to you, too, or did Tahsin do illogical magic?" Actually, if Kaiou was remembering rightly, if Tahsin combined certain Kido spells together, he should theoretically get an observational effect that didn't have effect for a specific signature... but this was somewhat far-reaching and without having the time and remaining skill to test this theory, he supposed he wouldn't really know.

Not that it mattered too much, Kaiou just had way too much time on his hands, if he was being honest. Most likely, he'd remain having too much time on his hands, at least, for a while, and then he'd remember why he'd joined the Goteijusantai in the first place. (His... not-mother, had said, back then, if he didn't, he was going to blow himself dead, and sh- err. That was probably not wrong.) And now he was older, and there was more stuff to play with, and he was a bit more creative than he'd been back then.

He should probably not.

Iname Kurogane

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"They're based on the division color." How Tahsin had managed to make that happen, Iname really wasn't sure. It was one of those things that obviously had an explanation but it was a little bit beyond what he'd managed to master about them and honestly it maybe wasn't that important. "And no, the screen doesn't color everything around. Some of the applications are more easily ignored than others when they're up though."

Some of them did obviously impair vision while they were active but it made sense because it was hard to focus on a map, for example, if it couldn't be seen at all.

"The map plus actually differenciates between living humans who are strong enough to see us and those who aren't, plus hollows, shinigami, and arrancar are all identifiable at a glance on it." Which was helpful when trying to avoid additional conflict with the Arrancar - as long as they weren't causing trouble, they didn't need to be bothered with. And teaching their system the difference between the two helped minimize the chance of accidental attacks on the wrong parties.

This was doubly important when one considered the fact that there were Arrancar who were a part of the Goteijusantai now. Mistakes could be fatal and that wasn't very awesome for anyone involved.

He was sure someone would get Kaiou one to play with soon enough. It'd be interesting to see what he thought of them, but honestly everyone Iname had spoken to seemed to like them if only because they were much more reliable. All the taking time to get used to in the world didn't completely outweigh that fact