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Shining Star [daughter]

Started by Xiaolen Huang at Apr 03, 2019 3:37 pm
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Around 2-300 years ago, a somewhat still naive Xiaolen ended up in a somewhat manipulative relationship with one of the Kurogane brothers, Tetsuya. It was technically abusive in pretty much all the subtle ways, and the Huang family is generally taught to do whatever the Kuroganes say, just in general, and probably some part of Xiaolen was afraid her family would deny the arrangement was toxic at all because she was a Huang and Tetsuya was a Kurogane and Huangs do what Kuroganes say, end of story. Which, she's probably right about that.

Tetsuya's nephew, Kaiou, eventually got wind of this and killed him. Then the other brother that tried turning into a manipulative fucker, this being Seiji, and then ended up in jail for it.

In any case, Xiaolen eventually had a daughter by Tetsuya. Now, first of all, Xiaolen couldn't really deal with this at the time; she was still a bit emotionally unstable, wasn't entirely sure who she even was, and whether the Huang family, or the Kurogane family, claimed her daughter, she knew her daughter's life would never really be her own, because both families have too many expectations and rules and whatnot. Ultimately, she made the best decision she could, and found a family in the low-numbered districts of Rukongai to adopt her daughter.

Since the Winter War, Xiaolen's been starting to think for herself, like she probably should've a long time ago. And some large part of her always regrets that she never really knew her daughter as her daughter. Her brother Shouren knows the girl exists, but has probably never met her, and no one else knows about her; Xiaolen hates that, and is really kind of mad at herself for the choice she made, because her family shouldn't have been able to make her make it. Here we are though. The girl's not a child anymore, has had a decent family her entire life, and probably has no idea she's a Huang-Kurogane. Heck, probably doesn't even know she's a shinigami at all.

Two things with this want.

  1. Basically, in some manner, even if it's just as her mentor, Xiaolen will probably want to connect with her on some level. Since she's certainly old enough to start displaying shinigami abilities, it's fully possible Xiaolen will step in and start teaching her to control her shinigami powers, and talk her into going into the Shino Academy.
  2. Whenever Habaek finds out about this girl, and that may or may not be soon (Xiaolen and Habaek would be married by now, if Xiaolen wasn't staying with the Huang line to act as buffer between the elders and her brother), Habaek is liable to put an adoption of her through. It's also not far-fetched to think he may try making friends with her too, behind or not behind Xiaolen's back.

Aside from this girl should be dark-haired, and may have a darker skin tone, there's really nothing solid here. Her birth name was Huang Hualin, but her name would be something else, now, I don't think Xiaolen even told her adoptive parents what she'd named her. Actually they may not even know that nice shinigami was her mom, either, but to be honest I'd be surprised if they didn't suspect.

Anyway, there really isn't much already established about this character, so she can be taken in pretty much any direction you like. Further, I'm absolutely up for plot bantering what direction we want to go in and what kind of relationship they'd have, and all that, I don't really have my heart set on anything. So. Yeah!