Plain of Ice
... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me


Started by Arion Katsaros at Apr 09, 2019 7:49 pm
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Arion Katsaros

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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the decision there is something more important than fear.

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He didn't know why he bothered, sometimes.

It was a stupid thing to wonder, and also not very stupid at all. He'd told Heru, a long time ago, that it'd serve him better to just ignore Arion ever existed, and go on with his life, find somebody less broken than Arion was. Still, he did tend to get a little pouty, if Arion wasn't around for a long time, and despite not really understanding why, he did have to admit, he didn't like it when Heru got pouty. ... well, maybe that was the wrong way to describe it. It wasn't exactly pouting, but, more what Arion had come to understand to be as close to it as Heru would get (Lucains were so above pouting, anyway).

Still, for whatever reason, Heru liked seeing him, and it wasn't like Arion was busy, right now. He could be. Oh, sure, he could find something to get busy with, but it wouldn't kill him to just, go see him, either. Besides, it also wasn't as if he didn't want to see him. Ultimately, it was all just, silly confusion-related junk, but he'd long accepted Heru was, and would likely remain, very confusing. It was a good thing, really, it was just also fairly uncomfortable, because he had no idea what to do with it and all. It wasn't even as if he was learning. But then, neither was he terribly trying to. He was probably still in that stage where he expected Heru to get his brain function back and change his mind.

Only a hundred years later, Theiko sighed in the back of his head. Yes. Well.


Anyway, it was lunch break in Sanbantai, so, Arion was wandering off to Yonbantai to presumably go settle down somewhere with Heru and the stubborn can rest easy knowing Arion actually did eat - this time, anyway. Sometimes, Arion wondered why he had to bother doing that, because ultimately, it wasn't as if it made him any less skinny, but you know, he expended probably far too much reiryoku on keeping his heart stable. Not regenerating as much reiryoku might well kill him, which he guessed that was fair. Still thought his keeling over would do the Gotei a lot of favours, but nobody really asked him.

For good reason, the naga huffed.
If you're going to keep being a pain, I can leave you at the office.

Unsurprisingly, Yonbantai was busy. When he got there, he just settled himself to one side, out of the way. Eventually, either Heru would notice his reiatsu signature, or somebody would tell him Katsaros-Taichou was here. Presumably for lunch. That was usually why he was here in the middle of the day.

Heru Lucain

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It had just sort of become standard, Heru insuring the paperwork was done every couple of days, if not every day. He tried, but things happened and sometimes the other tasks that Tachibana-taicho had him working took longer than expected. Today was a paperwork day, so he'd only gone into the labs briefly to make sure the results from yesterday had been notated properly and the he'd settled down here, for the moment.

Rokubantai seemed not to mind the occasional day or two - probably because Heru made such an effort to make sure Yonbantai never fell particularly far behind again. When he'd first ended up here, he'd spent ages just doing paperwork. He didn't mind, it needed to be done. But uh... that didn't mean he wanted to repeat the process any time soon.

Yonbantai was just too busy for one guy to run it alone. And Tachibana-taicho had far too many good ideas that would revolutionize their ability to fix Shinigami, if only there was enough time to try them. So, well, here they were.

It took a few moments, but Heru did eventually seen Arion's presence within Yonbantai. There was not that distinctive flurry of activity that made it clear something was wrong, so Heru wasn't really in a rush but he was quite aware that that meant that Arion was here for lunch or similar. It was kind of a nice change, Arion coming to find him rather than the situation being reversed. Not that Heru minded either way. So, he finished the page he was on, since he only had a few words left anyway, and then made his way over to where the silver haired Shinigami had settled down.

"Hey," Heru greeted with a warm smile. "How's your day been?" Nice and easy place to start, that one. Couldn't go wrong with it under most circumstances, and it would give Heru a chance to gage his mood a little.

Arion Katsaros

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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the decision there is something more important than fear.

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It wasn't very long of a wait, before Heru meandered his way. That was sooner than Arion was expecting, honestly. Most of the time, Heru was really busy; Tachibana-Taichou had been trying to run Yonbantai, by himself, for probably several decades before making Heru his Lieutenant, which meant lots of paperwork backlog, and the amount of stuff that went on in the division was somewhat staggering. Honestly, it was almost a miracle Heru ever had time for anything. Arion wasn't sure if he was glad he did, or somewhat annoyed he had time to bug him all the time.

You don't actually mind it and you know it, Theiko grumbled.
The naga was right, but Arion wasn't gracing that with an agreement. Fuck the snake and its rightness.

Whose side was it on, anyway?
The not stupid side, Theiko replied, snorting.

"Hey," Arion answered. "Ah... busy," he said, wrinkling his nose a bit. "A'leas' ain'nobody blow nuttin'up recently." That was, that was something to be glad for, even if only because it'd make Yonbantai more work and that probably came with more paperwork and then Arion would have to do some paperwork, and Seojin would probably be cussin' for weeks... as amusing as this all was, it really just kind of generated a fuck-wad of unnecessary busy, so perhaps that was something better avoided outright. Besides, his division had been doing good, demmit.

Certainly, and thankfully, they weren't a Juichibantai, but you know, it'd be nice if they remembered that, consistently...

"Figure'd'a'come by'is time. Wasn'inta nothin' serious." Just, you know, reports and stuff. Bouncing his bouncy-ball off the wall... stuff like that. (He pretended, and usually quite well, that he actually did work all day. Most of the time, he didn't, really.) "How's stuff'ere?" Also, probably, very busy. Funny, most of them seemed to be really busy, go figure that.