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... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me

someday you will be loved

Started by Arceus at Sep 21, 2019 11:51 pm
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gian hoa mat khon

It's all a mystery, let it come and let it be.

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Arion Katsaros
922 ♚ Gender Fluid ♚ September 10 ♚ Virgo ♚ Sanbantai Captain ♚ Dating Heru Lucain ♚ Pretty gay ♚ Polyamorous with the right folk

Currently: Running Sanbantai mostly solo because Seojin skipped out again. Also trying to do that normal relationship thing with his boyfriend.
Plot Ideas:
♚ Basically, join his division I guess.
♚ He needs friends honestly.
♚ Somewhere he's supposed to have a twin brother.
♚ He should also have many enemies. Do I care? No. Not really. But if you wanna hate him, go for it I guess.

Ciaran Owen
787 ♚ Male ♚ August 31 ♚ Virgo ♚ Juichibantai Lieutenant ♚ Dating Kurogane Iname ♚ Pansexual, technically ♚ Is poly but he won't even think that direction without Iname

Currently: Probably being annoyed because Juichibantai keep blowing things up. On the other hand, they're bored and he knows it and frankly so does everyone else. But it's better that they're bored than everyone's dying so whatever. Also probably spending an inordinate amount of time staring at that damned ring he can't figure out how to give to Iname already.
Plot Ideas:
♚ He should probably have some friends.
♚ He and Gage go out drinking and stuff sometimes if anyone wants to do that.
♚ Could um also join his division.
♚ He has a younger brother and a son too.

Cynemaer Eccleston
1,084 ♚ Male ♚ November 2 ♚ Scorpio ♚ Kyubantai Captain ♚ Single ♚ Pansexual ♚ Might be polyamorous but he doesn't know what that is ♚ Very blind by the way

Currently: Most likely trying to find a suitable Lieutenant, because he can't bloody read or write. Otherwise, minding his business.
Plot Ideas:
♚ Definitely needs friends.
♚ He also needs a Lieutenant but the thing with Cyne is that he has to trust and respect you; he's very picky about who he'll let become his Lieutenant because the criteria are more demanding than just "can read and write Japanese," you'll understand what I mean when someone tries for the slot.
♚ But basically he does need one and I'll be happy to do some threads to let the characters get a feel for each other and see how it goes. I make no promises, he really is my most picky Captain.

Diego Deiorio
577 ♚ Male ♚ March 12 ♚ Pisces ♚ Shinkuchou Commander ♚ Single ♚ Bisexual maybe with a heavy gay lean ♚ Might be polyamorous but not know it

Currently: Probably just protecting his own. Might be griping about Centelleo.
Plot Ideas:
♚ He needs friends.
♚ Join the Shinkuchou! They're great right?
♚ He could use some siblings if anyone's interested!

Gage Jordan
577 ♚ Male ♚ July 31 ♚ Leo ♚ Jusanbantai Lieutenant ♚ Singleish... ♚ Pansexual I believe ♚ Polyamorous but he has no words for it

Currently: Mostly taking care of the switches and whatnot in Jusanbantai and trying to sort out his feelings. He's not great at those.
Plot Ideas:
♚ Friends.
♚ He could also use some friendly rivals. He's the sort of guy that's chasing someone, always, so he probably as a lot of rival-friends that he's constantly butting heads with, but they're just pushing each other to become better at whatever.
♚ He street races if anyone's interested in that.
♚ Also fun would be he and Ciaran's habit of going out drinking and shooting the shit.
♚ He's really not great at his own feelings, so friends willing to help him sort those out would be great.
♚ Oh, he's also fluent in Sarcasm, so if you need like that friend that really just makes you wonder what you need enemies for but would probably do Stupid Shit™ to help them out if they needed it... yeah Gage might be that friend.

Huang Xiaolen
477 ♛ Female ♛ February 11 ♛ Aquarius ♛ Nibantai Lieutenant ♛ Dating Jeon Habaek ♛ Bisexual I think ♛ Not polyamorous (wild!)

Currently: Having a minor war with her family. When is she not. Also trying to sort out her own feelings about Habaek and you know how she feels about marrying him and all that. Debating telling him about her daughter. That kind of thing.
Plot Ideas:
♛ Ahem friends. Like she has one.
♛ The idea of having a small circle of female friends, maybe even just one or two, and they get together sometimes and talk, do each other's hair, go to onsen, stuff like that, that's a nice idea.
♛ Theoretically she could have more family relations besides Shouren. The Huang family has lost a lot of their members, many have been killed in the line of duty, but they're also a very large family, everyone has at least like two kids, probably more.
♛ She herself has a daughter, if anyone's interested in that slot.

Jeon Seojin
676 ♛ Female ♛ July 28 ♛ Leo ♛ Sanbantai Lieutenant ♛ Single, but she has a crush ♛ Pansexual ♛ Might be polyamorous, unknown ♛ Blind af

Currently: Being in the Living World because it's less annoying than being in the Seireitei. People really need to stop trying to pamper her all the time. So what if she's blind??
Plot Ideas:
♛ Friends!
♛ She should have an ex-husband. It's just a random trivia thing at the moment, so if anyone wanted to take that they could do pretty much anything they want with it.
♛ They may or may not have kids, theoretically she probably should have at least one.
♛ She might also be making friends with spiritually-aware humans out there.

Kassander Julian
2,109 ♚ What Is Gender ♚ October 22 ♚ Libra ♚ Espada Commander ♚ Single. Kinda. ♚ Bisexual with a heavy male lean ♚ Polyamorous with the right people ♚ He only speaks Latin. Like Rome Latin.

Currently: At war with the other Espada. Mostly trying not to die. And also trying to protect "his" Espada while simultaneously denying that he's their leader, so you know it's working out great.
Plot Ideas:
♚ The other Espada group is a thing that exists, if anyone wants it. They're fighting with Kassander's group for dominance over Hueco Mundo but frankly, no one knows why. They momentarily dragged the Goteijusantai into it, and the other Espada eventually was defeated by the Gotei, so both Espadas are weakened.
♚ Kassander had a small cluster of ex-slave followers in life, and they tended to adore him because he was the first to treat them like people. As such, if they come across him, they may be drawn to him for subconscious reasons.
♚ He could use a friend or two that's close-ish to him.
♚ Note, he's mildly clairvoyant. It happens randomly.

Kurogane Kaiou
496 ♚ Gender Fluid ♚ February 4 ♚ Aquarius ♚ Unaffiliated ♚ Dating Huang Shouren kinda it's sort of complicated ♚ Pretty gay ♚ Polyamorous with the right people

Currently: He just got free from the Maggot's Nest for committing a non-crime, lol, basically it was self-defence but whatever, anyway, he's out now, and adjusting to being free again.
Plot Ideas:
♚ Kaiou's a really friendly type, so he's probably got a lot of friends.
♚ He's also very intelligent, so the Twelfth Division might be familiar with him.
♚ He used to teach healing classes at the Shinoreijutsuin as Shigeru's understudy.
♚ Speaking of, Shigeru is his uncle, related through their mother, so the Fourth might also be familiar with him.

Kurogane Rohan
1,292 ♚ FTM ♚ February 19 ♚ Aquarius-Pisces (Cusp) ♚ Juichibantai Captain ♚ Married to Kurogane Atsuya ♚ More accurately pansexual ♚ May be polyamorous, unknown

Currently: Holding his head and sipping some tea, probably, while his division gets into yet another argument. They need hobbies.
Plot Ideas:
♚ He's been around for a while, so he should probably have friends.
♚ He and Atsuya may also technically have other kids. Iname and Kaiou are their sons.
Tachibana Shigeru is his brother, and they could have other siblings. It's also imagined their parents are still around, so that's another possible.

Nakajima Kasaya
? ♛ Female ♛ February 3 ♛ Aquarius ♛ Kidoshu Third Seat ♛ Single ♛ Heterosexual, Biromantic ♛ Most likely polyamorous

Currently: Being her usual creepy-girl self.
Plot Ideas:
♛ Okay first of all, let's get this out of the way now, this character is the currently living incarnation of the Soul King. She knows everything. She's very powerful. But she's also a very maternal presence, and has natural calming qualities to her; she tends to exude her reiatsu just slightly and use it as a calming device the same way others might use it to paralyse.
♛ This means, she'll randomly know things and she's a giant fucking metagame, and if you thread or plot with this character, I need you to understand this because I really don't want to deal with fit-pitching later. If there are things in a character's past you want her to know and bring up, just PM me, whatever, but most of the time she'll just exude this air of KnoWinG soMEtHiNG eVERyoNe ELse DoeSN't.
♛ I try not to overdo it.
♛ It's possible she has ex-lovers and children. She's been in Seireitei since before the Goteijusantai existed, so they may be quite old by now. And she's been awakened and active as the Soul King's current incarnation since just before the Goteijusantai was founded, so she's been this quirky for a long time.
♛ Along similar lines, she's been in Kidoshu for Actual Ever, so everyone in the Division probably knows her, and many are probably fond of her too. It is possible some resent her, though, because just like she has all the calming qualities of the Soul King, she'll also be the target of raging at god, because well she kind of is god.
♛ After she dies, Kassander becomes the next incarnation; technically he IS still an incarnation of the Soul King, his inner Soul King is just sleeping in him, and he is not aware of it right now.

Sahura Lucain
5,166 ♚ Male (Mostly) ♚ Early January ♚ Capricorn ♚ Hachibantai Captain ♚ Single ♚ Pansexual but he has a serious aversion to girls right now because he doesn't want anymore kids ♚ Polyamorous ♚ He does have a crush on Sandalio and Shigeru, he just won't say anything and I can't tell you why

Currently: Probably bouncing a ball off the wall of his office and driving Inetkaes nuts.
Plot Ideas:
♚ Sahura is the go-to training guy for anything fire or Arrancar or Vizard-related.
♚ Honestly he wanders around a lot and interacts with a huge range of people so feel free to be familiar with him.
♚ He also founded House Lucain.
♚ Oh, and he was Spartacus in the famed Third Servile War, or Spartacus' War. Kind of inaccurate but history is written by the blah blah blah... so if anyone else from that time are around they may be old friends with him.
♚ He's too damn old to be alone too long so I do wanna get him with someone eventually.
♚ OrgAniC EvoLUtiON.

Surya Lucain
1,011 ♚ Male ♚ November 1 ♚ Scorpio ♚ Hachibantai Fourth Seat ♚ Married ♚ Heterosexual, Biromantic I think ♚ Not polyamorous ♚ Notice he has very severe sensory overload issues and will become irritable and eventually violent if you push past his warnings. ... and Sahura might make a football of you if you do.

Currently: Doing his work stuff and then probably spends a lot of time reading at home.
Plot Ideas:
♚ He could use friends, but these friends should be not too loud and understand that he has lines.
♚ One big thing with him to remember is that he speaks as much non-verbally as he does verbally, so learning how to read his body language is a good thing. He requires patience, kindness, and understanding.
♚ He has a thousand kids and they're all from the same woman. She's supposed to be a Roman woman, fully Roman, and anyone that would like to is welcome to take the slot. HMU for more deets.

Tachibana Shigeru
1,094 ♚ Male ♚ November 1 ♚ Scorpio ♚ Yonbantai Captain ♚ Single ♚ Confused tbh, maybe bi, he may be gay ♚ Likely polyamorous but he hasn't had a reason to think about it

Currently: Being too damn busy for anything.
Plot Ideas:
♚ So first thing, he needs friends like really much.
♚ Technically he and Rohan may have other siblings or cousins, even. Shigeru absolutely has no kids, he's a unicorn. I mean a virgin.
♚ He also runs the newer psychiatry branch of Yonbantai so he's a therapist, and a pretty good one too.
♚ Also dabbles in mechanical prosthetics.
♚ Honestly he needs to take more breaks. Someone make this guy take breaks.

Tahsin Lucain
Male-ish ♚ May 29 ♚ Gemini ♚ Junibantai Captain ♚ Single ♚ Gay ♚ Potentially polyamorous

Currently: Being a little sad Heru transferred to Fourth but maybe it's good. Now he's mostly focusing on maintaining the communication lines and such.
Plot Ideas:
♚ He makes friends pretty easily so he'll likely have a few.
♚ He also could use more peeps in his division. He enforces the having of ethics by the way.
♚ He may have some exes, he used to be rather the ladies man trying to come to terms with the fact he is GAY AS FUCK, and kids may have happened too.

Fall in love not with beauty, for beauty fades, but soul is forever.

I once knew a girl, in the years of my youth, eyes like the summer, all beauty and truth, in the morning I fled, left a note and it read, someday you will be loved