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... and if I am going to die, I will take you with me

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Started by Arceus at Sep 22, 2019 9:02 pm
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gian hoa mat khon

It's all a mystery, let it come and let it be.

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What order the Tumblr posts go in:

  1. Race Spotlight
  2. Wanted Ad (when we run out of them just reblog the old ones)
  3. Division Spotlight
  4. Interesting Quote (if we don't have any recent ones, skip)
  5. Character Spotlight
  6. Meet the Captain Interview

Fall in love not with beauty, for beauty fades, but soul is forever.

I once knew a girl, in the years of my youth, eyes like the summer, all beauty and truth, in the morning I fled, left a note and it read, someday you will be loved