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Sanbantai (Third Division)

Started by Arion Katsaros at Apr 02, 2019 7:27 pm
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  • Third Division focuses on living world defence. Most of the regular living world anti-Hollow patrols are Third.
  • Members of this division will need to be able to handle any random situation. Facing Hollows regularly is often quite dangerous due to their variant abilities, so one would do well not to focus on any given type of combat, but have more of a well-rounded skill-set.
  • Third Divisioners on patrols spend two weeks in the living world, one working 8am-4pm schedules at the office, and then have a week off. Due to this weird schedule, your character will be gone for two weeks every month, and busy for another a third, so they'd probably better not have family commitments or similar.
  • Gin can be freaky, and difficult to work with, merely because of how sketch he is. Some that have been with the Sanbantai since before the Winter War may still also not quite trust him, as he defected during that conflict.
If you'd like to join Sanbantai, just reply here with the character's name, and you'll get a random rank at first; it will change as I watch your character in play.

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