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Yonbantai (Third Division)

Started by Shigeru Tachibana at Apr 02, 2019 7:29 pm
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  • Fourth Division are healers and supply managers. They treat both those that come into the division's barracks for varying illnesses and chronic conditions, as well as handle in-field needs and emergencies.
  • There are five sub-units in Fourth: ICU, CCU, LTC, FMU, and the ERU, commanded by the top six seats, bar the Captain.
  • The ICU is the intensive care unit, reserved for patients that require high amounts of attention. Some may be medical emergencies, and require constant monitoring and a stay period.
  • The CCU is the coronary care unit, reserved for patients with severe cardiac complications. They normally remain in CCU for constant monitoring, and those with less life-threatening cardiac troubles are generally sent to the CCU for a while.
  • The LTC is the long term care unit, and is where patients that cannot be healed within a few days to a week are moved. These patients become well-known in the Fourth.
  • The FMU is the field medical unit, normally the ones sent outside the division to assist with missions.
  • The ERU is the emergency relief unit, providing immediate emergency care for life-threatening medical emergencies. Much of the time, the ERU also transports patients to the ICU.
  • As such, healing skill is necessary. Power is good, but precision and fine control are better.
  • Shigeru is really kind of everyone's dad. He's not hard to get along with, but he is notorious for never taking time to himself.
If you'd like to join Yonbantai, just reply here with the character's name, and you'll get a random rank at first; it will change as I watch your character in play.