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Hachibantai (Eighth Division)

Started by Sahura Lucain at Apr 02, 2019 7:31 pm
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  • Eighth Division is the Seireitei defence division. Essentially they patrol the Seireitei, and parts of the closer districts of Rukongai, and react first when invasions happen.
  • Members will occasionally been sent on patrol, so their schedule may vary a bit.
  • Due to the inherent danger in security patrol, they'll need to be able to think on their feet well, and have a well-rounded battle style. Some healing ability is also a plus, but not necessary.
  • Sahura is a very unpredictable, outside the box type of leader. No, really, he's so outside the box he's not even in the same universe as the box. He's also kind of like a father figure, and tends to treat the officers under his command as his own kids.
If you'd like to join Hachibantai, just reply here with the character's name, and you'll get a random rank at first; it will change as I watch your character in play.