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Juichibantai (Eleventh Division)

Started by Rohan Kurogane at Apr 02, 2019 7:33 pm
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Rohan Kurogane


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? Years Young Goteijusantai Juichibantai Captain

  • Eleventh Division are the melee combat division. They are the first ones on the front-lines when trouble arises, and typically, the last  ones to retreat, too.
  • As such, they do tend to lean heavily toward hand-to-hand and swordsmanship abilities, but having some other skills isn't so bad, either.
  • Members of Eleventh may also be sent to the Shino Academy to help with and or outright teach swordsmanship classes.
  • Most often, Eleventh acts as backup for other divisions, so an ability to work with other divisions and take orders from officers that are not necessarily your direct superior are important.
  • Rohan is an odd sort; he's very quiet and tends to keep to himself, but he does enforce rules. Any breakage of anything ends in the officer(s) that did it replacing it, for instance. Eleventh also have obstacle courses and divisional combat tournaments for fun, and as an outlet for excess energy.
  • I'd say he's like a dad-figure, but only sort of. Maybe more of an older brother. He does not, however, get angry; he just gets disappointed.
If you'd like to join Juichibantai, just reply here with the character's name, and you'll get a random rank at first; it will change as I watch your character in play.